Virtue RF Microneedling

We are so excited to bring Virtue Radiofrequency (RF) to Begin with Skin MedSpa. Virtue RF is the first microneedling system that targets unique skin concerns, such as scars and wrinkles. The minimally invasive RF microneedling system is FDA approved and shown to provide immediate results. Yes, that's right- immediate!

Wondering how it works? Virtue RF uses sterile microneedles which creates a channel into the skin. The radio-frequency heat energy is delivered from the tip of the microneedle into the skin, which aids in the production and remodeling of collagen and elastin. This reaction both tightens and lifts the skin, producing results of: 

The results listed above are not limited to just the face. Here at Begin with Skin Medspa we love the fact that Virtue RF can provide our clients with these amazing results on the neck, decolletage, and body!

Although Virtue RF can provide immediate results, Begin with Skin MedSpa recommends three treatments for optimal collagen regeneration. Have more questions regarding our new Virtue RF microneedling service? Feel free to call the office at 978.455.6800 or check out our Q & A for Virtue RF under the “services” tab. 

Begin with Skin MedSpa 978.455.6800

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