Why is sunscreen important for all four seasons?

Whether the UV rays from the sun are warm on your skin in the spring and fall, or hot in the summer, or just bright in the sky for the winter, the UVB and UVA rays are just as harmful. 

Often we think if we can’t feel, or see the sun that it is safe to go without sunscreen on our exposed skin. However, how many of you have opted for exposed skin on a cloudy, or foggy, or cold day and hours later, you have a sunburn? This is simply because the UV rays can penetrate through the precipitation. In fact, in the winter the sun reflects off the snow just as it does in the summer with the water, causing a significant amount of sun damage.

Begin with Skin MedSpa always recommends having a sunscreen readily available, and in your morning skincare routine. Depending on the season, sunscreen should be reapplied for the most protection against skin cancer. Begin with Skin MedSpa has several sunscreen options for our clients. IIf you have yet to find the perfect sunscreen for everyday wear, call today for a recommendation from one of our skincare specialists. 978.455.6800

‍ Melissa Mixon

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