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Q & A with Joanne Sargent, RN

What do you love about your profession?

What I love most about my profession is giving people their confidence back with some simple yet effective non-invasive aesthetic procedures.


The most unique aspect of your practice.

For me as a nurse it is not about how many syringes I can “sell” to an individual but more listening to their ageing concerns, understanding their financial resources and customizing a process for their facial rejuvenation. I tell my clients we did not age overnight and restoring is a process for a more natural look.

What are your most requested procedures?

Currently neurotoxins are my most popular procedure. Xeomin is my go to Neurotoxin to smooth frown lines, crows feel and foreheads. While Botox Cosmetic is often what clients recognize, Xeomin is a more natural product and I can administer it more cost effectively than Botox Cosmetic. This makes is affordable for everyone who is interested. Christie Brinkley is the spokes model for Xeomin “XO”


What sets your practice apart?

I like to think that what sets my practice apart is that I take the time to listen to what clients want.  I assess each client to determine what is best for them and offer treatments that will give them a natural look. I am not afraid to tell someone that I will not do certain procedures if I feel that it is not appropriate or if it will  not be effective.


How do you manage client expectations?

If it is a new client and they want a Neurotoxin, I indicate to them  following assessing their muscle movement that the dose that I recommend should be effective in softening the lines/movement that they are looking to minimize. I educate them that in 2 weeks the treatment is fully in effect and if they feel they have more movement than they would like to call me and I will assess to see if they need more.

Pictures are very effective in showing people before and after pictures.

For clients looking for facial restoration after the assessment and recommendations I show them pictures of what they can reasonably expect.

For Medical device treatments such as Pelleve, Photofacial and Ultherapy after educating them on the technology and what it is designed to do I show them pictures provided to me by the manufactures and in some cases real clients.


Your best advice for clients

My best advice is to recognize that facial rejuvenation is a process, small amounts over time can be very effective and natural.  Embrace the ageing process while committing to be your best self with a little help from your Fairy Glam Mother.


What would be your dream innovation?

A Magic Wand!


Definition of Beauty

Beauty to me is someone who looks refreshed , rested  and smiles with their eyes.

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