How to prevent Maskne...

Today, many of us are taking part in the prevention against the spread of coronavirus by wearing a mask. In an effort to avoid spreading the virus, a mask is required in many public settings. While not all workers have returned to their work facilities, some have with the condition that they are required to wear a mask while on their shift.


Although wearing a mask is a small token to aid in the prevention of the spread of coronavirus, there are some visible side effects on the skin from wearing a mask.


 Maskne (mask acne) can be the cause or worsening of facial breakouts, a rash, or other skin problems on the face. Here at Begin with Skin MedSpa we advise our patients of the following tips to prevent Maskne….


  1. Choose a mask with a smooth texture and is comfortable to wear. If possible, avoid wearing a mask that causes friction, chafing, or a rash (pre-treated masks).
  2. Wash your mask after every use and store it in a bag to keep it clean.
  3. Minimize make-up wear or skip applying make-up to the lower part of your face.
  4. Call Begin with Skin MedSpa to help you prevent and treat your Maskne.


If you are experiencing or trying to avoid skin problems related to Maskne, call Begin with Skin MedSpa to ask how Environ Skincare products can help keep the skin hydrated, heal chaffed skin and prevent clogged pores. Call Begin with Skin MedSpa today 978-455-6800.

‍ Melissa Mixon

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