Five skincare essentials to toss in your tote bag this summer!

The  summer weather is in full swing and we like to remind our clients of the essential suncare products to add to their beach bag. Begin with Skin MedSpa is committed to educating our clients of the best sunscreen practices. Below is a list of our top 5 must-haves… 

1. Face & Body Sunscreen 

Applying sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out the door is best; this gives the sunscreen ample time to bind with the skin. Here at Begin with Skin, we understand there are many options of sunscreen. We always recommend a broad-spectrum (protects against UVA and UVB rays) facial sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Here is why keeping a spare bottle/ tube in your beach bag is important – Reapplication! Reapplying at least every two hours, if not, regularly !

2. Lip Balm with SPF

We often forget face features that require just as much attention as our whole face and body, especially in the sun! Protecting your lips is just as important when being cautious of premature aging and skin cancer. Applying lip balm with SPF not only protects your lips from a sunburn, but helps prevent dry chapped lips. We highly recommend applying at least a 30 SPF, every hour. 

3. Sunglasses

Did you know that wearing sunglasses not only prevents wrinkles from squinting, but also helps protect your vision from eye diseases related to UV exposure? Protecting your eyes from too much sun exposure is important when considering the long term health of your eyes. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends sunglasses with at least  99% UV protection. 

4. Wide brimmed  hat

A wide brimmed hat not only protects your forehead, nose, ears and possibly your neck and chest, but also your scalp! How many times have you left the beach with a sunburn from a part in your hair? Ouch! 

5. Water and Moisturizer

Lastly, staying hydrated is extremely important when facing the elements of the beach! The heat, sun and salt can all wreak havoc on your skin. We all know being dehydrated is not a fun beach day. Staying hydrated and adding moisturizer before jumping back in the car to drive home will helps avoid that uncomfortable dry, itchy skin!

Here at Begin with Skin we know finding the right sunscreen can be difficult when there are so many options. Our office carries two great options …Tizo and Skinbetter! Call our office today for guidance and a discount! 25% off suncare and accessories – this special ends June 30th 2022.

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