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Extend your sunless tan with a few simple tips...

If you haven’t already heard, Begin with Skin Med Spa is expanding! We are now offering Spray Tanning services which will be located just across the street (our old location) at Begin with Skin and Beyond! Here at Begin with Skin and Beyond, we want our clients to look and feel their very best all year long with an all natural, healthy sunless tan. 

Aviva Organic tanning spray provides an all natural, vegan, doctor developed formula that is free from fragrances, alcohol, dyes and chemicals. Aviva Organic is water based, high quality, hypoallergenic and FDA approved ingredients. Aviva’s tanning formula will last longer than your regular self tanner and will also fade evenly. As you may already know, a spray tan will only last as long as the top layer of your skin. Here are some tips to extend your Aviva sunless tan:


  1. Exfoliate the skin before you go in for your scheduled spray tan. That way you remove older skin and restart your skin cycle. Giving you fresh skin that absorbs the tanning spray and extends the life of your tan.
  2. Avoid placing any creams, lotions or sprays on the skin. This will only create a barrier for the tanning solution resulting in a fast fading tan. 
  3. If you must shave, this needs to be done hours before your appointment and followed by exfoliation to remove any shaving cream residue.
  4. Having a sunburn is never a good time to get a spray tan for the obvious reason of peeling skin. This will create a very uneven skin tone. 

Here at Begin with Skin we recommend wearing or bringing loose fit clothing to your appointment to avoid the spray tan from rubbing off on your clothes. After receiving a spray tan from Begin with Skin and Beyond, we highly recommend moisturizing more frequently to keep the skin from becoming dry and, lastly, wait at least 8-12 hours before rinsing off. This allows the spray tan to fully develop. 

Feel beautiful all year round with a healthy summer glow from Begin with Skin and Beyond. Call today to set up your appointment. P:978.455.6800

‍ Melissa Mixon

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