6 tips to help you stay mindful of your appetite and portions when eating.

Scientific studies have shown that being mindful while eating can have a strong impact on appetite and how much you eat. For Example, taking away distractions like watching TV, driving, or even reading a book can decrease the chance of over-consumption of calories. This mindfulness can also help you distinguish between eating out of boredom (continuing to eat when already full) or true hunger. Overall, being mindful when and while you eat can help you develop a more positive relationship with food.

Here are 6 tips to help you stay mindful of your appetite and food portions:

  1. Turn off the TV and limit distractions during meals.
  2. Avoid eating directly out of a food package, box or bag.
  3. Plate your food and then take your plate to the table and sit down to eat. (Even snacks should be limited to the table with no distractions!)
  4. Don’t serve meals “family style” with serving dishes directly in eye’s view or within arms reach.
  5. Pay attention to the food flavors and textures, and enjoy what you are eating.
  6. Eat just until you feel full or food is gone from your plate. If still hungry, wait 10-15 minutes before going back into the kitchen to get second servings.

The more aware you are while eating, the less likely you are to over eat. I guarantee you will even enjoy your food more!

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